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In this site, we will discuss the theme of science in public. How do the two spheres intersect? How do journalists, scientists and experts make science which seems at times so abstruse accessible to normal people? What are the styles of the writers who try to convey and explain scientific information to non-experts by using colloquial terms? We will also be presenting both sides of debates which involve complex issues intertwined on many levels: political, economic, social, environmental…

This site allows me to share the projects I worked on for English class with the world, or, more specifically, with anyone interested in the topics we tackle throughout the semester. This is also an area of reflection, where I narrate my experiences with projects: the difficulties I faced, the methods I applied to face them, what I enjoyed about the project and what I disliked… My blog is also a virtual milieu where I can sharpen my electronic communication skills while also strengthening my writing.

Another advantage of this blog is that it serves as a barometer to measure as well as illustrate my progress made throughout the semester. I will be able to compare my first assignment to my final project and see how much I improved. I hope to improve thanks to the techniques of communication I will be learning in the classroom and applying in my projects. I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts; it definitely a pleasure to share them with the world…